We're back from a month long traverse of Italy. Oh the light! It’s warm, inviting and timeless. Even on an overcast day there is something eternal in the way light intermingles with farm houses, hillsides, olive groves and even the animals. This is a place where the term “magical” actually applies. 

If you’ve ever traveled to Italy one of the most difficult decisions is deciding which regions of Italy you should see. This September my able partner Sue and I had the luxury of a full month to explore Italy from north to south. The journey began in Milan, the northern city known as Europe’s center of fashion and then moved north to Lake Como where the Milanese have vacationed for centuries. We then crossed the northern tier of the country though ancient Bergamo, Verona and Venice.

For a week we explored the Chianti region in the Tuscan hills which were lush with olive trees and grape vines and on every other hilltop stood a medieval castle town. The scenes were timeless and the people warm and open. 

We continued south for a week in Positano on the Amalfi Coast where the cliffs dive into the Mediterranean and the villages seem to dangle precariously from the hillsides.

I’m thrilled with the images we were able to make on this trip and I hope you’ll take a moment to view this new collection “A Passage Through Italy”.