The Algonquin word for "far away place" is Nantucket. It's a tiny island that lies 30 miles off the Cape Cod coast near the edge of the Atlantic Continental Shelf and in the mid-ninteenth century it was the epicenter of North America's whaling industry. Old-time sailors used to call it ‘The Little Grey Lady of the Sea.’ Today it's a beautiful, quaint refuge for the independent of mind.  

Writer and blogger Bill DeSousa-Mauk captured the essence of present-day Nantucket by writing: "Islanders gather on Main Street and prattle on about island events and news du jour, and then go about their business – seemingly unfazed by the genuine charm and beauty that surrounds them. But scratch an Islander just a little, and their pride will surface, and they’re a kid again, let loose in a land of their favorite toys.