Québec Skyline

John Santoro Photography

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A magnificent view of the Québec skyline from across the St. Lawrence River.  

Founded in 1609, by Samuel de Champlain Québec sits on a promonotry at the narrowing of the river that Champlain recognized was perfect for defense against natives and the English.. The Historic District of Old Québec is made up of two parts: the Upper Town, defended by fortified ramparts, citadel, and other defensive works; and the Lower Town, which developed around the Place Royale and the harbour.

I was exploring the old port for wonderful evening images when I realized the ferry that crossed the St. Lawrence was about to depart.  I hopped on board and enjoyed the marvelous view.  Once on the other side it took quite a bit of hiking to find a perfect location for the shot and a lot of patience to wait for the right light.  

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