Save More Than 60% On "Brink Of Sunset"

John Santoro Photography

A magical feeling can come over you while walking your favorite beach at sunset. The sun, a fiery orb, lights up the structures around you. The sky is an assortment of shades, a blend of blues, oranges and yellows.  The waves are tinted vermilion, with underlying streaks of blue that clash with it. This photograph, The Brink Of Sunset will help you experience that feeling every day.

This special production run of 90 pieces is being offered to my website friends and my Facebook audience until the run is exhausted. It is available in 16"x24" and 24"x36" sizes and priced at $299 and $499 respectively. This is more than 60% off our normal price.

The image is produced on what is becoming the new standard in fine art photography, metalColors are infused directly onto the aluminum metal panels through a special transfer process. The result is a metal print with a rich dazzling sheen, vibrant vivid colors, and life-like high definition detail that you can’t get from any other print.

The archival metal print comes borderless and looks incredible all by itself as it sits out from your wall on a wall mount we attach behind the metal plate. You can also order the print without the mount for placement in a frame of your choice.

Shipping is FREE in the United States only.


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