The Daily Italian Festa

July 18, 2019

three gondolas meet in side canal

Italy is like a family holiday get together that never ends. Despite the fact that Venetians are deluged with tourists they don’t lose their joy of communication. And, they don’t confine their communication to other Venetians. Look closely. While a couple is sharing love in the right hand gondola the riders in the middle gondola are chatting with the gondoliers in two different boats. The two gondoliers in the left boat, interupt their break to chat with the gondolier on the right boat. Not to be missed are the tourists on the bridge having a long distance conversation with two locals sitting in the window of an apartment in the rear of the photo. The only things missing in the image are the flying hands Italians employ for added emphasis in most conversations. As they say, cut off an Italians hands and they become mute. I love Italy.

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