Oh No!

October 17, 2018

Alyson BW photo

It's a Saturday disappointment for my daughter when her favorite park is chained shut.
For you ancient photographers out there who may have worked in a wet darkroom with B&W film "back in the day", this may resonate. In the local newspaper darkroom we used the UPI method of film development by using two jugs of D-76 developer that were juiced with a film canister full of borax. We shot our Tri-X at ASA 800 so that we had plenty of latitude in the dim light of northern New York. The D-76/borax mixture reduced the development time in half which gave us a bit of head start on filing news photos against our competitor AP. As you know UPI is now defunct and AP lives on. Maybe this super grain inducing trick was one of the causes of UPI's demise (just kidding). It certainly is the cause of the heavy grain in this image. Nevertheless, I think the subject makes up for it.

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