Clear Mountain Air

December 30, 2017

We're just back from beautiful Lake Tahoe where there wasn't much in the way of snow but lot's in the way of cold, dense air. There were skiers everywhere elbowing for the few lanes of man-made snow on slopes and lot's of folks traversing the town's establishments. We photographers were blessed with awesome early morning and early evening light.

The drama of a mountain lake is often it's fridgid stillness. These kayakers are immersed in the mesmerizing calm of early morning on Lake Tahoe near Incline Village, NV.

The view of Donner Lake. The far shore is where the doomed Donner party tried to make it through the winter of 1847. More than half the party died of cold and starvation before the Washoe native Americans came to their rescue. It's ironic that the trans continental railroad passed through here on the mountain side to the right just 20 years later.

Sunset on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe.


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