Autumn In Vermon

October 12, 2019

Vermont Foliage

I'm back in CA after a ten-day photo workshop preparation trip to Vermont and Cape Cod. It's a wonderful time to be in New England where all is vibrant red, orange and yellow. The trip objective was to find the best shooting locations for my Vermont Foliage workshop attendees. Check back for the next week or two for a series of photos from this trip.

This image shows the Jenne Farm in Reading VT, about eight miles south of Woodstock. It is reputed to be one of New England's most photographed farms. It's the rural, authentic Americana aesthetic of the old red buildings, rolling hills, surrounding trees, dirt entrance road, and reflecting pond that make Jenne Farm so picturesque. Privately owned since it was first established—probably somewhere in the late 1800s or early 1900s—Jenne Farm remains a family-owned business. (thanks

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